The aim of this measure is to strengthen the public’s trust in the health care system and to promote understanding for joint cooperation.

The exchange between pharmaceutical companies and members of the medical professional groups as well as institutions forms an important basis for developing innovative therapies and ensuring patient care as best as possible. Added value for patient health can only be created if pharmaceutical manufacturers work closely with scientists, doctors and other medical health professions.

The knowledge transfer takes place reciprocally:

– For example, Gedeon Richter offers high-quality advanced training so that doctors are well informed about current therapy options and thus patients are cared for at the highest level and with the latest knowledge. Conversely, doctors in particular have special expertise through their direct contact with patients, which is necessary for the pharmaceutical industry in order to produce innovative products.

– For this expertise and the time and service doctors make available to pharmaceutical companies, they are rewarded by pharmaceutical manufacturers. The remuneration should be structured appropriately and fairly. Independent of this, the decision of the individual healthcare professional to prescribe, recommend or dispense a certain drug remains.

The cooperation between Gedeon Richter and doctors and other medical specialist groups and institutions is based on clear regulations, in particular Article 9 of the Pharming Code of Conduct. The leitmotif was and is high ethical standards, transparency and thus traceability of the interactions between the pharmaceutical industry and its partners in the healthcare sector. Gedeon Richter (Switzerland) AG has voluntarily committed itself to transparently documenting the cooperation with members of the professional groups and institutions.

Monetary benefits from the following areas are published:

– Donations and grants
– Research and development
– Events
– Services and advisory services, including expenses

The disclosure of each member of the specialist community and each institution contains individual information that ensures that they can be clearly identified and the sum of the pecuniary benefits granted.

Reporting takes place annually, beginning with the calendar year and published on June 30 of the following year.

In accordance with the applicable data protection regulations, Gedeon Richter (Schweiz) AG only publishes personal data with the consent of the specialist group. If consent has not been given, the donations are listed in an anonymous, aggregated form.